Proposal Subject to Municipal Council Approval. Golf Course to Continue Offering all Services.

Wasatch Educational updated its proposal to the Provo Municipal Council to build and open a proposed medical education campus that will include the proposed Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine and later the home of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions on the North Wedge (northwestern) part of the East Bay Golf Course.

Following a December 5 public meeting regarding the topic, Mayor Michelle Kaufusi encouraged all parties to work together to find a potential solution, which they did. Wasatch Educational, Provo Parks and Recreation, Provo Economic Development, and East Bay Golf course refined the proposal to ensure a better balance between the development and the existing uses of the site.

“As a group, we collaborated to develop consensus and agreement on the proposed medical school location,” said Dr. Richard Nielsen, vice president of Wasatch Educational and founding president of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. “We feel great about this updated proposal for the Provo Municipal Council’s consideration. For us, it has always been about working in good faith through the details, listening to the people of Provo, and working to create a solution where everyone benefits. We plan to be great neighbors with the East Bay Golf Course and all who play there including loyal golfers, local high school teams, parents, children and teens, and tournament participants.”

“After listening to all sides regarding this proposal, I encouraged all the parties to work together on creating a solution that would be good for all involved that the Municipal Council could review and hopefully approve,” said Mayor Kaufusi. “I’m glad to see they have done just that. This proposal that will go before the Municipal Council for their consideration has the potential to be a wonderful outcome for our city, for future potential medical students, and for golfers who love and play at East Bay.”

Under the proposal, Wasatch Educational will locate its proposed medical education campus, on approximately 21 acres of the northwestern portion of the East Bay Golf Course and a privately owned 7.8 acre parcel of land currently under contract.

Additionally, the updated proposal includes the following items, all collaboratively agreed upon by Wasatch Educational, the Provo City Administration, the East Bay Golf Course, and Provo City Parks and Recreation:

  • Scale back the SC-3 Regional Shopping Center Zone to be equal to the North Wedge only, that portion to be developed.
  • The balance of the golf course that will remain as a golf course be rezoned to PF Public Facility Zone, which includes rezoning the southeast area (former Kuhni Property) from PIC Planned Industrial Commercial Zone to PF.
  • Request that the Council make a strong statement that they have no intent or desire to expand or make available for development beyond the North Wedge.
  • Wasatch Education will make a strong statement of support for the recommended changes to the zoning outlined in this proposal.
  • That a text amendment be approved by Provo City to allow educational uses in the SC-3 Zone.
  • If Provo City determines to surplus the property, that Wasatch Educational would have the right of first offer.

“We voice our strongest possible support to these zoning recommendations,” said Nielsen. “We are grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to listen to the community and each of these city partners to make these recommendations to the Municipal Council and to the people of Provo.”

The developers of the proposed medical education campus will pay for the relocation of the three current holes to the southeastern portion of the golf course. The new holes will be designed, relocated and playable before construction on the proposed medical education campus begins.

“We feel this revised collaborative proposal provides the opportunity for a proposed medical education campus while giving the current users of the golf course assurances that their activities will not be adversely impacted,” said Scott Henderson, director, Provo City Parks and Recreation.

It should be noted, all information related to this updated proposal is subject to approval by the Provo Municipal Council who contributed to the recommendations during the Dec. 5 public and Municipal Council meeting. A public open house is planned for Jan. 4, 2018 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Provo Recreation Center and a public meeting is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2018 during the Municipal Council meeting.